Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful day in my life! - I got promoted to sister :)

My parents had been telling me from past few months that there is going to be an addition to our family. I knew that a small baby is going to arrive soon. I was often asked the typical question, do you want brother or sister and I rarely gave any answer to that :)

Around two weeks after my third birthday, one morning Daddy gave me the surprising news - Mummy is in hospital and your brother has arrived!! The date was Nov 14, 2011.

The happiness and excitement on my face cannot be described in words. I took no time to brush teeth, have milk and take bath (all the activities I generally hated) and I was all ready to meet my brother for the first time. On my way to hospital, I was announcing to everyone again and again, I am going to see thammudu (brother).

I could not see Mom immediately as she was in ICU but saw the little wonder! And I was already possesive. For a while I was not allowing anyone to touch him. I made regular visits to hospital until they got discharged. At home, showering hugs and kisses on my brother was my favourite play now. I am proud to become an elder sister. I already got the feeling that I am no longer a kid :)

Lot of research went in choosing my brother's name. I have also suggested few names that I knew (of course names of my friends). My little brother was named Shreyas in a small ceremony.

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