Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful day in my life! - I got promoted to sister :)

My parents had been telling me from past few months that there is going to be an addition to our family. I knew that a small baby is going to arrive soon. I was often asked the typical question, do you want brother or sister and I rarely gave any answer to that :)

Around two weeks after my third birthday, one morning Daddy gave me the surprising news - Mummy is in hospital and your brother has arrived!! The date was Nov 14, 2011.

The happiness and excitement on my face cannot be described in words. I took no time to brush teeth, have milk and take bath (all the activities I generally hated) and I was all ready to meet my brother for the first time. On my way to hospital, I was announcing to everyone again and again, I am going to see thammudu (brother).

I could not see Mom immediately as she was in ICU but saw the little wonder! And I was already possesive. For a while I was not allowing anyone to touch him. I made regular visits to hospital until they got discharged. At home, showering hugs and kisses on my brother was my favourite play now. I am proud to become an elder sister. I already got the feeling that I am no longer a kid :)

Lot of research went in choosing my brother's name. I have also suggested few names that I knew (of course names of my friends). My little brother was named Shreyas in a small ceremony.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I turned 3 !

After an eventful 3rd year, it was time to bid it farewell and welcome the 4th year. So it was celebration time - a Birthday party!! This time it was great fun, why?? Because I was more interactive in social gatherings, much better than last year.

The day before, I went shopping with Dad for my dress and gifts and accompanied Mom for the invitations to my friends and our neighbourhood. On the day, Dad took me to the Temple in the morning and gifted me a keyboard, alphabet blocks and basket ball set.

My near and dear ones (babai, mamas, aunties, dad) decorated the house beautifully with balloons and colour papers. Prashant Mama got a big yummy blackforest cake for me. In the evening, by 7:30 pm home was abuzz with friends and relatives. I had a great time cutting the cake and receiving everyone's blessings and wishes. I enjoyed with my friends to heart's content.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Schooling Started !

I turned 2.5 years and my parents wanted to start my schooling. Though many said 3 years is the right age, both mom and dad thought it was the right time! They started looking for a decent school and took me along wherever they went so that I get a hang of what a school would look like and if I can put any preferences forward. I seemed to like all campuses I visited.

Finally we zeroed-in on a school named Unicent! It is at walkable distance from my home. They have two campuses, one exclusively for pre-primary kids and a bigger one having secondary classes as well. I was put in Nursery class of the smaller campus. The campus was pretty good and at a very peaceful location. Classrooms with very cute furniture, play room, doll room, video room and also a toddler gym.

Though I was happy and willing to go to school, I was keeping shy and not mingling with other kids. But slowly I started improving and my parents got timely feedback from my class teacher - Bindu and Aayammas. Now I do talk about other kids in class. I have started reciting as many as 15-20 rhymes just in a span of 2-3 months. So far Telugu was the only language I could speak. Slowly English is also coming naturally to me. Mom and Dad keep conversing with me in English often to help me more.

I show good interest in coloring activity and Daddy keep encouraging me more by bringing colouring worksheets and sitting beside me for the activity. Apart from this book reading is another hobby I developed and enjoy it a lot.

I am turning out be less shy now and have started making friends in my neighborhood. I am not afraid of interacting with them and get involved in their play some way or the other. Only thing I don’t like is getting up early in the morning and getting ready for school. I give my parents really tough time for this task every morning.

Check out this pic from my first fancy dress competition in school!